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Carlton Schools Considering Switch to Four Day School Week

Carlton Schools Considering Switch to Four Day School Week

April 10, 2024 3:06 PM CDT

By: James Kelly

The Carlton School District is holding public meetings regarding a potential switch to a four day school week.

As would be expected, the potential switch to a four day school week has become a major topic of controversy. While the school district mulls over the decision, they will host public meetings to get input from the community.

According to a Fox 21 report, the first meeting contained some strong opinions against the change from parents. Some argued that switching to a four day school week would put Carlton families in a difficult financial position, with the added burden of child care during their work week. Others argued that many kids would just sit at home and stare at screens all day without the structure of school.

Under the potential plan, teachers would still work five days per week, and have that extra day to plan out their lessons for the next week. Students would be given free breakfast and lunch from the school to take home for the day off. The elementary school would also provide daycare services for parents that would cost $4 per hour.

Proponents of the plan say the extra day off will help students with improved mental health and give them an opportunity to work or volunteer. They also say it would help the school district address operational cost concerns that have become all too common in the midwest region.

The school board plans to meet on April 15th to discuss its final decision, and the application to switch the district to the four day school week is due on April 22nd.

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